Appeal Request
(Request for Value Reconsideration)

There may be limited situations when appraisals may be appealed, for example, when there are factual misstatements of the subject property on the appraisal, or there is a reasonable basis to believe that the initial appraisal is flawed. To ensure we understand the issues, and to expedite this appeal process, please provide complete details to as the errors or flaws. Providing this information will ensure we fully understand the extent of your issues, and that each issue is addressed by the appraiser.

What you should do?

If you feel that there is a misstatement or flaw, please supply additional documentation that you believe will support the discrepancy. For example, we would consider sales of similar properties that were not used in the original report. For considerations, the sales should:

  • Have occurred no more than 6 months from date of inspection;
  • Be closed as of the date of inspection;
  • As close to the subject as the original sales; and
  • As similar in size, age, design, and site.

These guidelines are based upon appraisal methodology and are the basis for choosing comparable sales on all residential appraisals. The appraisers strive to use the best comparable sales available, and any sales proposed will be compared to the original analysis to determine if the sales should be used. To submit your information, please fill out the attached form, particularly any errors found in the subject property description.

What we will do:

If the information you provide is deemed to be more indicative of market value than that which was first used, the appraiser will complete the analysis with the new sales/information and amend and/or revise the appraisal at no cost to you. If the appeal is denied, a brief description of the reason for the denial will be provided.

If you are in need of immediate assistance, please email