Who we are

@Home VMS is a California-based, nationwide appraisal management company designed for one simple task: to place the right appraiser with the right order, in order to return the best quality and service in the industry

Investment in Our People

We believe our service starts with our team of professionals. This is why we dedicate our resources to seeking out seasoned professionals geographic competency, and who will provide the best appraisal quality in the industry. Working with @Home VMS is like having an in-house appraisal management company within your corporate structure.

What Sets Us Apart

We believe the perfect partnership begins with a common goal, which is to create a Win-Win scenario in all aspects of the business process. This is why we focus our attention on providing the following key benefits:

Invitation-Only Appraisal Management Team

@Home VMS actively seeks out appraisers to ensure the most seasoned professionals who are required to pass a rigorous set of guidelines, as well as continuous appraiser scoring system to ensure the best appraisers in areas wherein they live. Appraisers don't come to us, we find them!


Every appraisal goes through a three-tiered quality control process before release. If anything is caught up front, we will fix it before you see it. Focused Geographic Footprint - (Know you are working) with a professional that knows the area!


We work with our appraisers to provide our clients the best turn times in your marketplace.

Customer Service

A dedicated Live Customer Service Team means having someone available to answer your phone calls and emails with a real person who has your best interest at heart. Our goal is to quickly help you resolve any issues that may arise and to find the best solutions for you and your business.


@Home VMS provides a complete line of appraisal management services across the nation. We provide the highest quality for residential appraisals, and alternative valuation products. Our easy-to-use valuation management portal allows us to track activity for our clients as well as our appraisals within one database. As a nationwide Appraisal Management Company, we are responsible for effective communication with all parties during the appraisal transaction.

Nationwide Appraiser Panel

At the point of appraiser selection, we have the ability to view the appraisers' distance to the property while simultaneously comparing the appraisers' area of expertise prior to assigning the order. This process ensures confidence in quality and accuracy within our valued clients.

Order Level Quality Control

Our technology enables us to seamlessly flow from order placement, through QC and conditions, then on to report completion. In addition, @Home VMS extends its resources of an in-house, experienced appraisal team to help ensure compliance.

Appraiser Performance

Monitoring appraiser performance is imperative to ensuring continued quality and customer satisfaction. Our enhanced scoring system tracks appraiser performance through several quality metrics: rebuttal requests and outcomes; average number of condition requests; and order-level review deficiencies.

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New Appraisers

Be part of @Home. We are always looking for talented appraisers nationwide. With our excellent customer service team, we will handle most of the administrative tasks and clerical duties for you, so you can be in the field appraising residential properties.

We are looking for

  • Valid E&O insurance ($500,000 aggregate
  • Current License
  • A current resume
  • Appraisers with at least 1,000 units of experience
  • Two recent UAD-compliant samples reports within the last six months
  • Coverage counties and product fees

Thank you for your interest in us.

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1130 Howard Street, San Francisco CA 94103, US

(855) 284 6635

For Appraisers in need of assistance, please email service@homevms.com

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